Meet Peter Oyen, your bike mechanic and builder

Peter started Rocket Bikes in 2009 because of the passion he had for bikes. He has spent the greater part of his life riding bikes and decided to put his passion to work. He wanted to provide a high level of service to each person he could. That service would be professional in every meaning. He wants to teach you about your bike. He often gets told by a customer that they learned more in the 10 minutes they spent with him teaching them about their bike, then they had in the past two years and other bike shop experiences. 

Peter takes his time when he assesses your bike. He treats your bike like it is an extension of you. When he cleans and tunes-up your bike it is never rushed. He even has the tendency to wax your frame so it shines like it is brand new.

If you choose to work with Peter on building your bike it may take a little bit.  There will be no rushing it. He wants to ensure that you are choosing the correct frame size for you (based off our fit-first philosophy), pick out the components that best suit you and your riding style, and even the right color housing to set-off your bike so it is different then anyone else's. 

Over the past 6 years Peter has spent thousands of hours working on many athlete's bikes from road to time trialing to triathlon. Even a few professional athletes have called on him due to his meticulous nature. Each year Peter volunteers his time providing mechanic support for a variety of events from the Horribly Hilly Hundreds, Scenic Shore 150, Ironman Wisconsin and The Honor Ride.  


Meet Jessica Laufenberg, your bike fit specialist

Jessica fits with a deep background in physiology and biomechanics, as well as years of experience in the field of bike fitting, racing, training and education. She has been in the health and fitness industry for over 22 years. She carries a Bachelor in Kinesiology and a Master in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics. Extensive post-graduate work has been completed in biomechanics, sports performance, muscle balance, posture and gait assessment muscular injury and rehabilitation, athletic coaching, and nutritional education. Jessica is a F.I.S.T. Advanced Professional Certified Bike Fitter through Slowtwitch. She has also spent time at the GURU Academy for bike fitting, and continues to educate weekly.

Jessica also carries a certification with USAT Triathlon as a Level II Coach, and has for over 8 years with USAT (Level I in the first 2 years). She was recently certified with Bob Seebohar as a METS Level I Specialist, for metabolic efficiency training.

Utilizing power as an important cycling metric has been a recent focus over the past few years, and Jessica has spent time with such educators as Hunter Allen, Joe Friel, and those with WKO4 software and TrainingPeaks to enhance her knowledge and skill of power training and racing, and applying that to fitting. 

Since 1996, she has been with NSCA as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Previous to focusing on fitting and starting SBR Endurance Performance Center in 2006, she worked in Green Bay coaching and training amateur to professional athletes (1998-2001); owned, operated and built a private training studio (2001-2006); and was hired/partnered to create and build a functional fitness facility (2003-2006).

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