rider specific does not mean custom

At our bike shop, we offer a great line-up of bikes. We’ve chosen the bikes we have because they offer something different to the area. The bike companies enjoy working with us, and we work directly with them. No middle man. No sales reps trying to fill our floor with inventory. This is why we are able to provide ride-specific bikes (and custom if wanted or needed). 

Rider-specific does not mean custom. Custom bike frames are available through us, however are sold far and between. A custom bike frame is your size. It’s not medium, it’s not extra large. It’s you. From the XY coordinates found with a dynamic fit, we are able to work with two of our bike manufacturers to create your custom frame. The front end will be spot on with the highest of ride quality it can offer. However, many of us are not custom sized people. Therefore, stock bikes that we sell in house we create are rider-specific.  But, what does that mean?

Rider-specific is how we build bikes. From the fit, we are able to find the appropriate bike frame size with corresponding front end geometry to provide the perfect ride. We interview you on what your goals and needs are. Do you ride a ton of hills? Then a compact crankset may be best. Are you racing flat races and gunning for all-out performances on time trials? Then an 11-23 cassette is in your future. Want green housing to add some accent to your all black bike? We can do that. Carbon or alloy handlebar and stem? Power meter? Yes please! What kind of saddle is best for you? We don’t know until we have you on the bike and start to demo saddles until the best one is found for you. We don’t let you take the stock saddle home unless your bottom loves it. You get to choose what you want. 

We will help you prioritize what is needed for you and your bike. It may be more important to get a power meter on your bike then it is to get some hot new carbon deep rim wheels. Power provides more bang for your buck then race wheels. 

Shopping for a new bike with us is all about the education and experience. It will take a little longer then just walking into a shop and and hour later having a bike in your car. We don’t roll that way. Step back, take a deep breath. Let us help you find the right bike and trick it out, for you!

Peter Oyen