what does a motion analysis look like?

Curious what doing a Type-R Motion Analysis bike fit looks like and what it would provide you? Just recently I had a triathlete who has complete 12 Ironman races and has been racing for over 20 years come in for a dynamic fit with motion analysis. His goal was to simply see if he can improve for next season and felt that a detailed motion analysis would be the ticket.

A few key points we found out:

1. Never complained about saddle issues, however after seeing his Leg AR (angular range), Pelvic Tilt and DSS (Dead Spot Score) he was moving around a lot on the saddle. We installed a saddle that was 1 cm narrower and all his numbers cleared up and settle down.

2. Changing his crank arm length from a 170mm to a 165mm length his pedal smoothness improved. 

3. Glute medius muscles in the hips were not active. This is causing instability in the hips. Corrective exercises and dry needling have been recommended. 

Click this LINK to see what his summary looked like and the details we found out. 

Peter Oyen