We have a true passion for bikes.

Our process is simple.

Get fit first.
You create & design your rider-specific or custom bike.
We build your bike.
You pick up your dream bike & ride.
It's that simple. 

rid·er ˈrīdər/  noun a person who is riding or who can ride something

spe·cif·ic  spəˈsifik/ adjective clearly defined or identified 

cus·tom ˈkəstəm/ adjective made or done to order for a particular customer

A new bike is closer and within reach than you think.

Rider-specific - From your fit-first appointment we will help you shop our bike lines to find the best stock frame that works for you. Stock bikes offer a variety of stack, reach and head tube measurements. Because of the variety of stock frames, we want to use the initial fit session to add-on the correct sizes for handlebars, stem length, stem pitch, spacer stack and more. With your budget we will help you find the right group-set from SRAM to Campy to Shimano. We will help you select the correct gear-ratio for the type of rider you are and for the terrain you will be riding.  Wheel options can also be an important choice whether you are climbing or riding/racing flat course. Some stock frames even offer custom paint. Our rider-specific complete bikes start at $3500.

Custom is your next level. Alchemy and Guru Bikes offer custom geometry that is exactly how you want to ride. Your custom bike frame can be built specifically to how you want your bike to respond.  Do you want it to be a stiff ride? Are you wanting to make it the lightest bike you've ever had? It's all up to you. Components are your choice, as well as wheels. Custom paint is a priority so start picking your favorite colors! Custom frames start at $4000.

Alchemy Bikes

Road and Cross/Gravel/Dirt

Two and a half years of building a relationship we are very happy to be partnering with Alchemy Bikes. Through the large but small world of the bike industry and connections, it was a firm hand shake that took Rocket Bikes from a potential partner to confirmed retailer for the Colorado based bike company. And we did not disappoint! Shortly after that firm handshake we built a handful of beautiful handcrafted, USA made works of art. From carbon fiber to titanium and steel, these bike frames should not be overlooked. If you need or want a true, unique USA made bike frame look no further than Alchemy Bikes.  

Argon 18 Bikes

Road and TT/Triathlon

When we first met the team from Argon-18 in 2009, their eyes popped open wide when we told them we are from Verona/Madison, WI. “Madison, Wisconsin!” They said. “We would love to get our bikes on one of the most challenging Ironman bike courses in North America”. After a few hours of face to face talking and numerous emails afterward, it was decided that we were a perfect fit for Argon 18 in Wisconsin. Since 2009, we've helped many athletes perform at their very best on their new Argon TT or Argon road bike.


Ceepo Bikes


Named after a great ancient Samurai warrior, CEEPHO, Nobuyuki Tanaka started CEEPO in 2003. As a triathlete since 1990 he was unsatisfied with the common road bikes used for racing so he decided to custom build his own triathlon racing bike. After officially launching in 2007 the company has become Japan's triathlon bike frame leader and is now on the international scene. With CEEPO climbing in the Ironman World Championships over the years, Rocket Bikes is proud to bring this brand on board for someone who is looking for great engineering and the opportunity to ride and be different. 

Wilier Bikes

Road and Time Trial/Triathlon

Since 1906, their storied past and racing heritage have combined to produce winning bicycles. We are very excited to have these Italian beauties available in our area.

Chat with us on how we can personalize your stock bike frame or complete bike from Wilier Bikes. We'd love to for you to be unique and enjoy the ride!