motion analysis

The Type-R motion analysis technology is a step up to dialing in your ideal bike fit or improving your training and racing. The analysis software will help determine your pedaling print and how to improve performance, efficiency and cycling motion.  Quantitative data allows us to look at such things as your cycling dead spots in your pedal stroke, the best power and cadence combination and pelvic rotation and motion. This type of analysis is very helpful in dialing in or refining a riding position. The Type-R can show in real time what the impact of changing a position will do to power and cadence. It will provide feedback to signal a decrease in power production or a biomechanical change in position that could lead to injury (for example more aero is not always the best position for power, cadence, speed and injury prevention).

They Type-R has 5 sensors that are set on your body (one on each cycling shoe, one on each thigh and one on your lower back).  A head unit pairs to the five sensors, as well as your power meter and heart rate strap. The data collected during a specific fit session, testing protocol or just a ride can shine light onto why power is lost, pain starts or just generally why riding becomes more uncomfortable over time. 

There are two service options for motion analysis - Bike Fitting and Coaching and Training. 

BIKE FITTING motion analysis with type-r

Choosing Type-R motion analysis during your bike fit is the next level of analysis. The Type-R will show if there are imbalances in your pedal stroke and why they are occurring. For example you may be dealing with a lot of knee pain and low pack pain.  An analysis of this movement pattern may show there are a lot of dead spots (decelerations of power and a lack of smoothness) in your pedal stroke on the lower quadrant of your left leg and a many on the upper quadrant of your right leg during the cycling motion.  The outcome of this would be a change in your bike fit, change in crank arm length and corrective motions on and off the bike for improved performance.

You may choose this as an add-on to your bike fit session. You will wear the Type-R during your initial bike fit on the dynamic fit unit. This analysis can be used on any of the following:

Current bike  - You will be analyzed while being fit on our dynamic fit unit. You will wear it while riding your current bike with the new fit position.
New bike purchase - You will be analyzed while being fit on our dynamic fit unit. You will wear it while riding your new bike.

After the bike fit session, you will be provided a plan with corrective actions to improve your cycling performance.

Type-R Motion Analysis – Bike Fit Add-On $99 (Dynamic Fitting Only $300, Dynamic Fitting with Motion Analysis, $399)

coaching and training motion analysis with type-r

Looking at motion  

communication and instruction between coach and athlete.

quantify and track motion in a real-time training and racing environment.

provide informed decisions on power and cadence 

There are four different protocols available to look at different cycling situations such as climbing position or aero position. During the initial consult (via phone, email or in person), we will determine which protocol(s) you will complete in the testing series. Each testing protocol is 70-90 minutes in duration and are completed in house on the CompuTrainer with the Type-R device. 

After each session, you will receive an analysis of your test with a plan consisting of corrective exercises and training suggestions for your current training plan. If you are not coached by an SBR Coach, we will provide this analysis to your coach upon your request.