Nutrition is essential to endurance performance. We want to make sure you have a plan in place for your next event. We work closely with the Coaches at SBR to ensure we carry products that work well the the athlete's body for the best performance, least amount of GI stress and stuff that tastes good! Check out our list of nutrition we carry in-house. Want to put a special order in or set something aside? Email or call us and we will take care of you! Put an order in for over $100 and save 5%.

Refreshing Hydration

Rocket Bikes has something that will quench your thirst during the hot summer months of training. Our fridge carries Coke, Diet Coke, San Pellegrino (variety of flavors), chocolate milk, Siera Mist and A&W Root Beer. 

BASE Performance

Electrolytes are essential to performance. New on the scene, BASE Electrolyte Salt has become a game changer for some athletes. In house, we carry the BASE Electrolyte Salt container as well as samples in race vials. 

Bonk Breaker

Bonk Breaker is based on the whole food philosophy and has created simple, real food ingredient bars. Give them a try on your next ride. Your tummy will thank you! We carry bars in a variety of flavors.

Cliff Bar

Cliff Bar is the 2016 Ironman Wisconsin sponsor. Try the shot bloks on your next run or a few bites of their bars on your next long bike ride. The bars are packed with wholesome, organic goodness.  Bloks are quick and easy to chew while training and competing.

Gatorade Endurance

Gatorade is the 2016 Ironman Wisconsin sponsor on the bike and run course. Rocket Bikes has the exact formula and flavor that will be offered at aid stations on the BIKE course at this year's race, which is lemon-lime. Swing in for your Gatorade nutrition to train with this year. 

Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger is a fan favorite because of the base of it being honey. It's a refreshing change to the gels of the past. Honey is easy on the stomach and easily digestible. We carry gels, chews and waffles. Use these on your next ride and we bet you'll feel the difference!

Infinit Nutrition

We are big fans of Infinit for our athletes. It's easy on the stomach, well-formulated and has a full line-up to fit all your needs. Choose from :SPEED to :GoFar, or if you need some post-training recovery, give their :REPAIR a try. We carry large bags and single servings for you to try.

Salt Stick

Salt Stick has been a favorite electrolyte replacement at Rocket Bikes since we opened. It provides the essential electrolytes necessary for cellular balance (sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium) all in the perfect balance. Salt Stick comes in their standard capsules and now in chew form in their FASTCHEWS. 

Skratch Labs 

Since Skratch made its way into our door, it has been the leading seller of nutrition and electrolyte replacement. Skratch is easy on the pallet and on the digestive system. Try Skratch Exercise Hydration in single serving packs or take an entire bag home with you. For some solid food, try the Skratch chews. They are non-sticky and are light on flavor and low in "sugar-taste". We also have Rescue Hydration for those extra hot days or if you are in need of a strong pick-me-up.