power meters

Power meters have become cyclists and triathletes essential tool for training and racing. No tool can unlock speed and power potential like a power meter.  At Rocket Bikes, when you decide t choose a power meter we have a consultation with you to determine the best fit power meter. Power meters come in many different shapes and sizes. Power meters come in pedals, cranks and hubs. Also choosing the correct computer to work with your power meter is important. Let the experts at Rocket Bikes help you with your power meter purchase and what is best for you. Also, with purchase, we include a free session with us on how to set up your computer with your power meter and basic maintenance. 

Rocket Bikes works with Garmin, Pioneer, PowerTap, Quarq, Rotor, SRM and Stages.


Cycling in the electronics age mean more data for riders.  It also means all electronics are not created equal.  As a rider, first step is to decide what your needs and wants are in a computer. Do you want maps? Does it need to pair with a power meter? How about cycling dynamics? Rocket Bikes will sit with you to help you sort out your goals for your new computer, whether for swimming, cycling, running or multisport. We will help you choose wisely. Also, with purchase, we include a free session with us on how to set up your computer. 

At Rocket, we are also "safety sue's" on the road. The Garmin Varia Radar allows vehicles to know you are on the road and also keeps you informed while riding as vehicles approach. Cycliq offers front and rear HD video capture with lights to increase your visibility on the road and document what is occurring around you.

Rocket Bikes works with Garmin, Lezyne, Cycliq.


With so many choices on the wheel market, making the right decision for your ride goals, bike setup and price point is very important. Rocket Bikes spends time with each client to educate on wheels and what would be best fit for ride needs.

Rocket Bikes works with Boyd Cycling, ENVE, HED Cycling, Mavic, Rolf Prima and Zipp.

cycling shoes

Having your foot feel comfortable in a cycling shoe creates an environment of stability, power and longevity in your ride. We will measure your foot and interview you on your current foot issue and/or situation. From there we will suggest the best fit shoe for you. We work with cycling shoe companies who allow us to order as needed and the right size for you, even double wide! 

Rocket Bikes works closely with Bont Cycling, Fizik, Lake Cycling, Louis Garneau and Vittoria. Styles for road cycling and triathlon.

In house we have a full line-up of Lake Cycling shoes to try from size 41-44 regular and wide widths. Come get a sizing and try one on!

hydration system

While training and racing, it is important to have the proper hydration system that works best for you and your bike. Do you need a system on your aero bars to encourage you to drink fluids regularly? Or do you want all your water bottles on your saddle? Did you know that some hydration systems don't work on all saddle rails? At Rocket Bikes, we have seen every hydration system and saddle available. We will consult with you to determine the best fit system for your hydration needs.
Some of our favorite brands are Blackburn, Profile DesignTacx, Torhans, and XLAB.


Dialing in your nutrition for training and racing is very important.  The type of nutrition you choose needs to be easily absorbed into the body. This will in turn make your stomach happy and allow continued performance while training and racing.

Rocket Bikes chooses nutrition lines that are tummy friendly, taste good and will provide result. Nutrition comes in fluid and solid forms, with or without electrolytes. Understanding these differences and finding out what is the best fit for you to complete your nutrition plan will get you to the finish line in good form at your next event. Don't stop after your training session with nutrition, we carry post-training and recovery nutrition as well.

The nutrition lines Rocket currently works with are Base Salt, Bonk Breaker, Bulletproof, Honey Stinger, Infinit Nutrition, Muir Energy, Salt Stick, Skratch Labs, and Tailwind Nutrition.  Don't see a nutrition line you find valuable to your success? Let us know about it and we can add it to our line-up!

If you are in need of a solid nutrition plan for water, calories and electrolytes, set up an Athlete Strategy Session with Jessica. 


100% Sunglasses

Ride in style with 100%. The 100% brand has always been synonymous with motocross Americana and has been linked to many iconic moments that have built the roots and history of what is modern motocross.

The roots of the 100% brand date back to the early 1980’s when the popular logo graced the factory racing equipment of the biggest names in motocross.

Thirty years later the passion for the spirit of racing remains. Today, 100% is about to inspire a whole new generation of racers and ask them the original tag line, “How much effort do you give?”

Slide in to try a pair on!