Rocket Bikes feels that you should try before you buy. See if that saddle really fits your body's physiology. Or does a pair of different wheels really make a difference for you or can you handle a deep dish rim while riding. Even if you decided to travel for a race and want to fly, we have rental bike cases for you. Our current demo and rental programs include bike cases, wheels and saddles. 

Bike cases

Ruster Sports Armored Bike Case

Traveling can be a huge hassle. Our friends at Ruster Sports designed this great bike case to save you time and money. Tested and proven, the bike case protects your bike frame and wheels from the tossing of your bags at the airports. Biggest bang for your buck? Save on oversize bag fees! Each bag circumference is the size of a regular checked bag size, in which you only have to pay a standard bag check in fee! That can be a few hundred dollars! 

Rent or Buy one from us today! 

Retail - $625

Rent - $15 per day

Want us to pack and unpack your bike for you when traveling? Add an additional $75 to your total.


Thumb through any cycling or triathlon magazine and you'll be bombarded by reviews of racing wheel sets of very shape and construction imaginable. How much difference can a wheel set make? A lot. Particularly for time trials. In a perfect world, you could pick the optimal wheel set for each race given the terrain and conditions, just like the pros.But for the high-end wheels, the cost of investing in multiple sets is often prohibitive. With the Demo and Rental program at Rocket Bikes you can try out a wheel set fora  short 4-hour ride or for an entire week. Clock yourself. Feel how they ride. Race on them. If you end of falling in love, the 4-hour or 7-day rental fee can be applied to the purchase price within 30 days. 




Demo and rental costs includes:

  • installation of your current cassette to the rental wheels
  • swapping of brake pads if needed
  • minor tuning and adjustments for shifting compatibility
  • cleaning of bike for proper shifting

We offer a variety of wheels for demo and rentals. Call us today to find out our current arsenal.

4-hour one-day ride - $40
7-days - $150


Once you are in the correct position on the bike, the saddle is one of the final pieces of the puzzle. The right saddle can be critical to your success on the bike. 


Besides comfort, it is important to find balance and power on the saddle, since the majority of your body weight is on it. If you are uncomfortable, or not in balance, your legs will start to shift your butt around looking for a better spot to sit. This will begin to cause fatigue, aches, foot issues, cramping, muscle imbalances and more. If you are trying to balance yourself on the bike with your feet and arms because you don't like your saddle, it can be a recipe for disaster. 

Aero position on a bike can be even more intrusive. With your pelvis rotating and tilting forward, you begin to put more weight on the front parts of your body. If the saddle (cut-out, width, length) are not right, you will be uncomfortable, numb, loose circulation, decrease aerodynamics (because you sit out of the saddle for comfort); and ultimately power and speed.

Never assume that you should just be uncomfortable and deal with pain and that it's a part of riding a bike. That is the furthest from the truth. When thinking about a saddle, always first ensure that your fit is correct. If you are not fit on a bike correctly, no saddle substitution will solve the issue. Get the correct bike fit first and then start your quest for a new saddle that fits best for you!

Stop the fidgeting on your bike. Chat with our fit specialist, Jessica, about trying a saddle that is right for you. 

Try 2 saddles for 2 weeks for $75. Once you are happy again on your bike, save 10% off your purchase. 

We carry over 20 different saddles for your comfort and will also bring in saddles of interest from our clients. Just ask!