We are all about showing your bike some love. Whether it is crying out for a basic cleaning
or in need of a tune-up to make it hum again, we'll give it the attention it deserves.


After logging enough miles, the inevitable happens: parts start to loosen. With old-school steel bike frames, it was possible (though maybe not advisable) to tighten down screws, let them rust in place, and hope for the best. With today’s advanced carbon fiber, aluminum, or titanium frames, however, each part requires specific torque settings. Be safe. Sprinting towards the finish line or descending at 50 miles per hour is not the time to find out that parts are inadequately tightened.

Our Level I tune-up starts with a Basic Cleaning to give us a clean pallet to work with and assess your bikes current state.  We then thoroughly inspect each part of your bike for proper tension: wheels, tires, hubs, spokes, brakes, headset, bar, stem, shifting system, cables, housing, crank, chain rings, bottom bracket, chain, front and rear derailleur, cassette, frame, and every single bolt. This service is recommended 1-2 times per season, depending on your yearly mileage. Give us a call or stop in for recommendations. 

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It's the big upgrade from your Level I.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a complete overhaul of your car, including a visual inspection of every single part for signs of stress and strain? That’s what we do during Level II Tune-Ups. Perhaps you’ve just bought a used bike and want full disclosure of any parts that might need work. Perhaps you’re getting geared up for a hard season of riding. Schedule this service at least once per year to keep your bicycle ready to ride and shifting well all year round.

We will complete the following during this Level II service:
Basic Cleaning service (see above)
Disassemble every part
Clean, inspect, lubricate every part of your bike to include bottom bracket, headset and, drivetrain, etc.
Complete re-build of your bike
Every bolt and screw adjusted to the proper torque
Includes replacement of cables, housing, and bar tape

A few items to note on your Level II Tune-Up. Your current bike fit and set-up will not be jeopardized.  We will keep all your specs and reassemble your bike as it was. 

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Who doesn't like a good spa treatment? To be pampered? Ahhhhh....Let Rocket Bikes do that to your bike.

Let us remind you when to bring your bike in for some well deserved attention.  You put hundreds, maybe thousands, of miles on your bike annually.  Let us keep your bike quiet, shifting well and riding smooth as silk. Your bike will get a quarterly spa treatment to keep rust and grim at bay.

Sign-up for this unique service that will take one thing off your daily plate of things to do.

Bike Care 365 includes:
One (1) Level I tune-up service
Two (2) basic shifting tune-ups
One (1) bar tape replacement
One (1) entire cable replacement
Regular lube applications as needed
10% off all accessory parts
            (such as tubes, tires, CO2. Large retail items not included, such as wheels and complete bikes)

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Bike Care 365 starts the day of purchase


Wondering if that clicking noise is something to be concerned about? Need to have it quickly inspected? Bring it in and we will put it under the microscope, so to speak. If your bike needs attention beyond a simple assessment, then we will recommend a Level I or Level II.

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$20/15 minutes
$65 per hour


Did you have an itch to scratch? Did you jump online last night and buy a new or used bike? Let us help you out. Rocket Bicycle Studio has a new service in play, Bike Build & Fit Kit. Once the purchase has been made we know it is important to you to make sure it's road ready.  When it arrives at your house drop it off at Rocket Bikes and we will build it properly.  Then get a professional fit so you are on the bike in the proper form to eliminate any issues.

What this service entails:

- initial professional dynamic bike fit to optimize your ride position
- bike completely built and tuned-up
- any recommendations provided
- one post-fit check-in appointment
- one post-build brake and shifting adjustment

Make an appointment for a professional bike fit then have our head mechanic get it ready and rolling for you. 

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(individually $250 for build and $300 for fit)